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Pixel Flesh

How Toxic Beauty Culture Harms Women
  • Author
    • Ellen Atlanta
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May 09, 2024

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A generation defining exposé of toxic beauty culture in our digital age and how it is harming women

We are living in a new age of beauty. With advancements in cosmetic surgery, augmented reality face filters, photo editing apps, and exposure to more images than we were ever meant to see, we have the ability to craft ourselves in whichever way we please. We pinch, pull, squeeze, tweeze, smooth and slice ourselves beyond recognition. But is modern beauty culture truly empowering? Are we really in control?

In every era there is a beauty ideal. Yet, today the pressure to attain and retain the perfect body is compounded by our addiction to sharing every angle of ourselves online. In an age of influencers and social media, modern beauty culture is all-consuming and it is hurting the lives of women around the world.

From Love Island to lip filler, blackfishing to the beauty tax, Ellen Atlanta reconfigures our understanding of women's relationship with beauty culture to account for the digital age. Providing an eye-opening account of the realities young women face under a dominant industry, Pixel Flesh unmasks the absurdities of the dystopia we find ourselves living in. Both a rallying cry and a refusal to suffer in silence, this is a vital insight into what it feels like to exist as a woman in a digitally obsessed world.
  • Published: May 09 2024
  • Pages: 384
  • ISBN: 9781472298775

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Press Reviews

  • Freya Bromley, author of The Tidal Year

    Pixel Flesh stopped me in my tracks. It took me back to my girlhood in a bold, unexpected and poetic way like a Grimms' Fairy Tales, but with Kylie's Lip Kits. Ellen has a unique talent for helping you see through other's eyes and making you feel seen yourself
  • Nada Alic, author of Bad Thoughts

    A rigorously researched and deeply personal account of the modern female experience. Pixel Flesh is a searing and lucid appraisal of internet culture's most corrosive and diminishing aspects; from predatory algorithms, celebrity, cosmetic surgery, disordered eating and the tyranny of performing a self. A must-read guidebook on the dizzying hall of mirrors that women must navigate online and the dangerous real world consequences that follow
  • The Bookseller
    A riveting exposé of toxic beauty culture and how it harms women [...] blends personal confessions with razor-sharp insights