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Perfect Timing

When it comes to love, does the timing have to be perfect?
  • Author
    • Owen Nicholls
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'A modern-day love story with an old-fashioned warmth' Debbie Johnson
'A wonderful, witty, romantic rollercoaster of a novel' Matt Dunn

When it comes to love, sometimes timing isn't so easy. . .

For Jess and Tom, timing is everything.

For her, it's the moment she delivers the perfect punchline. For him, it's the heartbeat in the music he makes with his band.

And from the night they meet, sharing the same stage at the Edinburgh Festival, their attraction is undeniable. At first, it seems their timing is as perfect in the wings as it is in front of a crowd.

But as Jess and Tom's careers take off, the moment for true connection is always just out of reach. With fate pushing them together, only to pull them apart, will the timing ever be right?

After all, when it comes to love, the timing has to be perfect. . . Doesn't it?

Owen Nicholls' glorious new novel is perfect for fans of will -they-won't-they love stories, romantic comedies and Josie Silver.

Praise for PERFECT TIMING . . .

'Smart, funny and moving' Debbie Johnson

'Modern romance at its absolute best' Hannah Tovey

'An epic-scale romcom, full of heart, humour, brilliant characters... Massively recommend' Tom Ellen

'A wonderfully written will-they won't-they... Loved it!' Emily Houghton

Praise for Owen Nicholls . . .

'A complete delight' Holly Bourne

'Sometimes a book comes along and it feels dusted with magic - Love, Unscripted is one of those books' Josie Silver on Love, Unscripted

'A fun, entertaining story with bags of heart - the book equivalent of a classic rom-com' CultureFly on Love, Unscripted

'An unmissable, multi-layered read' Woman & Home on Love, Unscripted

'Cute romcom full of cinematic references' The Sun (Fabulous Magazine) on Love, Unscripted

'A nostalgic read for fans of Nick Hornby and David Nicholls . . . [a] smart funny novel' Heat on Love, Unscripted

'A gorgeous romcom filled with movie references and Obama-era nostalgia' Kate Davies, author of In At The Deep End on Love, Unscripted

'Smartly observed romcom . . . bursting with some very cute cultural references' Sunday Mirror on Love, Unscripted

'Nicholls shows a lovely lightness of touch in this enjoyable debut' iPaper on Love, Unscripted
  • Published: Aug 19 2021
  • Pages: 384
  • 196 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9781472263230

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Press Reviews

  • Tom Ellen
    An epic-scale romcom, full of heart, humour, brilliant characters... Massively recommend
  • Debbie Johnson
    A modern-day love story with an old-fashioned warmth
  • Matt Dunn
    A wonderful, witty, romantic rollercoaster of a novel. I loved it
  • Hannah Tovey
    Modern romance at its absolute best
  • Emily Houghton
    A wonderfully written will-they won't-the y... good god they HAVE to book! Loved it!