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Perfect Image

Perfect Image

The Clone Series

The final installment of Trish Moran's acclaimed young adult series exploring humanity, technology, and the problems of growing up in a dystopian future. Perfect for fans of The Giver and the Divergent trilogy.

The Compound Labs, the original group of clones freed from the notorious medical centre, are continuing to live successfully alongside the normal humans in society.

They are uneasy to realize that the militant group of clones, the Radicals, are gaining more and more followers from the Labs and their Hybrid children.

The Radicals, sponsored by an anonymous billionaire, have a vision of a future society where every member is given a designated role according to their abilities. They have plans to rule this new way of life with a specially created perfect clone and his equally talented team, showing little regard for those they consider inferior mentally and physically.

Have they created a team of unfeeling, super-intelligent people who will stop at nothing to achieve their aims?

Are the Compound Labs strong enough to defeat them in their crusade?

Can a young Hybrid girl use the power of love and compassion to challenge the course they have set themselves?
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