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Paragon Place

Despite the war, life must go on…
  • Author
    • Harry Bowling
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Paragon Place, an ordinary square of two-up, two-down houses in Bermondsey, has pretty well survived the Blitz. But it's taken its toll on a hard-working and tight-knit community. Despite going through the very worst of times - the never-ending fight against poverty, rationing and bombs - the residents of Paragon Place have been brought closer together by laughter and tears in the face of despair. There is Sally Brady, who is torn between two men, local drunk Alf Porter, the prim Carey sisters, the gossips and the villains. After surviving the horror of the war, they face new dramas as they rebuild their lives together...
  • Published: May 01 2008
  • Pages: 608
  • 197 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9780755340330

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