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Our Kid (The Hopkins Family Saga)

The bestselling and completely heartwarming story of one family in 1930s Manchester...
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    • Billy Hopkins
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PERFECT for fans of TV's Call The Midwife and The Pursuit of Love - and readers of Nadine Dorries, Nancy Revell and Anne Baker will adore the Hopkins family!


***** 'After just a few pages gripped me like pliers' - AMAZON READER REVIEW
***** 'Beautifully written. Hard to put down. Many laughs, and touching moments' - AMAZON READER REVIEW
***** 'Give an insight into a Northern life of a different world written with a sense of hardship, sadness, humour and real emotion' - AMAZON READER REVIEW
***** 'I was howling with laughter one minute and in tears the next ... It's my favourite book'

Billy Hopkins' Our Kid is a warm-hearted and nostalgic tale of a boy's life: from the 1920s Manchester slums, through tough times as an evacuee during World War II, to the challenges of the post-war world for a hard-up family.

'How wonderful to have a book like this... A glimpse of a lost reality' - Manchester Evening News

It was on a Sunday night in 1928 that Billy Hopkins made his first appearance. Billy's tenement home on the outskirts of Manchester would be considered a slum today, but he lived there happily with his large Catholic family, hatching money-making schemes with his many friends.

When war came, and the Luftwaffe dominated the night sky, Billy was evacuated to Blackpool. There he lived on a starvation diet while his own rations went to feed his landlady's children - 'I might as well be in Strangeways!'

But even the cruel blows that were to be dealt to the family on his return to Manchester would not destroy Billy's fighting spirit - or his sense of humour.

What readers are saying about Our Kid:

'Billy Hopkins is a masterful storyteller who draws you into his world of a working class household coping with, and surviving, the ups and downs of life'

'The characters are brilliant - I will never ever forget this book for as long as I live'

'The best read ever'
  • Published: Dec 27 2007
  • Pages: 528
  • 196 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9780755343188

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Press Reviews

  • Manchester Evening News
    How wonderful to have a book like this... A glimpse of a lost reality
  • Historical Novels Review
    This fictionalized biography is an easy page-turner
  • Sentinel Sunday
    A celebration of the spirit of the times... witty and moving
  • Bolton Evening News
  • Warrington Guardian
    A cracking yarn
  • Manchester Evening News
    Hopkins, like all best authors, writes in effortlessly simplistic prose and as such is a fascinating author
  • Lancashire Magazine
    Not only is it a heart-rending story, it is a remarkable piece of social history