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One Love

  • Author
    • Matt Cain
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Anticipated publication date

Jan 18, 2024

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Two men. Twenty years of friendship. One love.

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'Matt's books just keep getting better and better and One Love is rich, funny, poignant and unflinchingly honest portrayal of friendship, love and everything in between' Ruth Hogan


Danny arrives at Manchester University determined not to hide from the world any longer. This is the year his life will begin.

He locks eyes with a handsome stranger across the hall at the Freshers' Fair. It starts with a wink and soon Danny and Guy are best friends.


Now, both single for the first time in years, Danny and Guy return to the confetti-covered streets of the Gay Village for Manchester Pride.

After years of shared adventures and lost dreams, Danny finally plans to share the secret he has been keeping for two decades. He has always been in love with Guy.

Could this weekend be the end of a twenty-year friendship . . . or the start of something new and even more beautiful?

'Utterly absorbing and affecting. Matt Cain is one of the most entertaining and illuminating writers out there' Bryony Gordon

Praise for Matt Cain:

'Heart-warming and joyful, but also so poignant' LORRAINE KELLY

'A rollicking love story' IAN McKELLEN

'An utter treat' KATE MOSSE

'Original, hopeful and totally charming' ADELE PARKS
  • Published: Jan 18 2024
  • Pages: 464
  • ISBN: 9781472291912

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Press Reviews

  • Praise for Matt Cain:
  • Glamour
    A bucket of joy
  • Sun
    Utterly joyful - you will smile your way through this
  • Heat
    A big warm hug of a novel
  • Daily Mail
    I ADORED this book, it's so uplifting, original and funny
  • Michael Ball

    Will put a smile on everyone's face
  • Russell T. Davies

    Written with such a good heart, filled with joy and strength and optimism
  • Matt Lucas

    Brilliant . . . [I] recommend to all!
  • Laura Kay

    A total triumph. Romantic and heartbreaking and uplifting all at once
  • Bella
    The uplifting book we all need to read right now
  • Ruth Hogan

    Rich, poignant, funny and unflinchingly honest . . . a glorious, heart-warming and thought-provoking read
  • Justin Myers

    A warm, nostalgic and intimate portrayal of the complexities of friendship, and the changing face of being gay and staying strong in a world that's learning to accept us, but still doesn't always understand us
  • Julietta Henderson

    Sincere, moving and authentic . . . I loved, loved, loved this book
  • Alexandra Potter

    A triumph. Brave and honest, beautiful and funny . . . I learned so much from reading this. I loved the relationship between Danny and Guy and all its complications
  • Laura Pearson

    One Love is an epic tale of love and friendship, packed with warmth, wit and wisdom . . . an absolute joy to read
  • Laura Price

    What a wonderful book . . . a heartwarming, nostalgia-inducing tale of friendship and love that puts a huge smile on your face
  • Mary Gabriel

    Unfolding over a twenty-year period and bookended by two Gay Pride events in Manchester . . . the result is touching, funny, poignant and brilliant
  • Steven Rowley

    A beautiful, deeply human exploration of the blurred lines between love and friendship that exist in the queer community, with a tender understanding that the most important love of all can be the love and forgiveness we hold for ourselves
  • Paul Burston

    A fresh, heart-warming spin on the gay romcom which explores love beyond the best friend/boyfriend binary. I loved it
  • Bryony Gordon

    Utterly absorbing and affecting. Matt Cain is one of the most entertaining and illuminating writers out there