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Mystery in the Making

Eighteen short stories of murder, mystery and mayhem
  • Author
    • Ann Granger
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Throughout her distinguished career, Ann Granger has penned an array of hugely entertaining and gripping short stories. To mark her thirtieth anniversary as a crime writer, eighteen of these compelling mysteries have been brought together to delight and enthral crime fans everywhere.

From a nosy neighbour who trusts no one to a jealous nephew protecting his inheritance, and from a ghostly apparition on a cruise ship to an Oxford undergraduate who cannot escape his past, Ann's short stories transport readers from the Highlands of Scotland to the rugged coast of Cornwall and from the Victorian era to the present day. In each story there is an intriguing mystery to captivate the most avid crime fan, making this a collection to treasure.
  • Published: Jul 07 2022
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472290212

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Press Reviews

  • The Times
    Characterisation, as ever with Granger, is sharp and astringent
  • Good Book Guide
    Her usual impeccable plotting is fully in place
  • Margaret Yorke

    A clever and lively book
  • Publishers Weekly
    To be savoured by connoisseurs of characterisation
  • Yorkshire Post
    Lovely characterisation and a neat plot
  • Cotswold Life
    Her characterisation is excellent
  • Crime Time
    Good plotting and believable motivation