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Murmuring the Judges (Bob Skinner series, Book 8)

A gang of ruthless killers stalk Edinburgh's streets
  • Author
    • Quintin Jardine
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Bob Skinner faces a complex case of murder and organised crime in this absorbing crime thriller.

In Edinburgh's old Parliament House, an armed robbery trial is about to take a macabre turn. While the lawyers tussle over the evidence, the judge suddenly collapses in agony - the victim of an apparent heart attack. For Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner, with his life finally back on track after the near-collapse of his marriage, this is the last thing he needs. But as the wave of brutal robberies continues, it emerges that Lord Archergait's death may have been murder - and he's not the only judge whose life is in danger. With a gang of ruthless killers still at large, it's down to Skinner to piece together a puzzle of sinister complexity.
  • Published: Sep 02 2010
  • Pages: 448
  • 198 x 131mm
  • ISBN: 9780755358656
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