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Mummy, Make It Stop

  • Author
    • Louise Fox
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Louise's childhood was a living nightmare.

Repeatedly sexually abused by her mother's out-of-control boyfriend, the little five year old was surrounded by evil.

Louise was beaten with leather belts, starved and neglected, as the family suffered at the hands of both their mother and her partner.

Finally, her tormentor was arrested. But her mother stood by him and Louise was dragged to prison visits every week, forced to sit on her abuser's knee and tell him how much she loved him and wanted him to come home.

The horror continued when her mother found a new partner even worse than the last. Within months he was assaulting and eventually raping Louise.

Taken into care, Louise ended up addicted to drugs and selling her body. But the birth of her child saw Louise vow to turn her life around - and that is just what she did.

She broke free, and MUMMY, MAKE IT STOP, is the true story of a brave spirit that refused to be crushed.
  • Published: Mar 19 2009
  • Pages: 272
  • 197 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9780755318506
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