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Mixing With Murder (Fran Varady 6)

Mixing With Murder (Fran Varady 6)

A lively mystery of blackmail and murder

Whilst pursuing one crime investigation, Fran Varady gets caught up in another...

Amateur sleuth Fran Varady faces more questionable characters in her most complicated investigation yet. Mixing with Murder is the sixth sparky mystery in Ann Granger's Fran Varady series, not to be missed by fans of Carola Dunn and Val McDermid.

'Characterisation, as ever with Granger, is sharp and astringent' - The Times

Fran Varady isn't keen to help seedy club owner Mickey Allerton track down Lisa, a dancer who's done a bunk. But since Mickey's holding Fran's dog Bonnie hostage till the job's done, she doesn't have much choice. She quickly locates Lisa and they arrange to meet - but when Fran gets there early, the first thing she sees is a body floating in the river. It's Ivo, one of Mickey's nastier bouncers.

If Lisa wasn't terrified already, she is when she gets this news, and Fran finds herself torn between helping the frightened girl and doing Mickey's bidding. And it's all about to get a lot more complicated...

What readers are saying about Mixing with Murder:

'The cast of characters lumbers into view with understated menace mixed with charm and humour. Even minor characters have distinctive personalities'

'Always a pleasure to read Ann Granger books'

'Even when you think you know the ending there's always a nice little twist in the plot'
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