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Mind The Gap

The truth about desire and how to futureproof your sex life
  • Author
    • Dr Karen Gurney
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'This book taught me so much about female desire. A must read!' Cherry Healey

Did you know that there is an orgasm gap of around 30% between heterosexual couples when they have sex?

In Mind The Gap, Dr Karen Gurney, a clinical psychologist and certified psychosexologist, explores not just this gap, but the gaps in our knowledge of so much of the most important new science around sex and desire.

In this book, you will learn that nearly everything that you've been led to believe about female sexuality isn't actually true. And that, despite what you might think, it is possible to simultaneously feel little to no spontaneous desire and have a happy and mutually satisfying sex life long term.

Exploring the mismatch between ideas about sex in our society and what the science tells us, Mind The Gap also explains how this disconnect lies at the root of many of our sexual problems.

Combining science with case studies, practical exercises and tips, this is a book for anyone who wants to better understand the mechanics of desire and futureproof their sex life, for life.
  • Published: Mar 05 2020
  • Pages: 336
  • 232 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781472267139

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Press Reviews

  • Cherry Healey
    This book taught me so much about female desire. A must read!
  • Daily Mail
    Reveals how you can supercharge desire in a long relationship
  • Red
    Mind The Gap by Dr Karen Gurney reveals the essential factors that drive women's desire and explains how you can harness them to achieve brilliant, satisfying sex long into old age.
  • Evening Standard
    Lots of nuggets.
  • Sheer Luxe
    Nothing stays the same as we age, and that includes our sex lives. But how we approach intimate moments can mean the difference between satisfaction and disappointment. That's the premise behind Harley Street psychologist Dr Karen Gurney's debut book Mind the Gap.
  • Glamour Magazine
    [one of] the best books of 2020 to shop now...
  • Vogue
    Mind the Gap sets out to dispel some long-held sexual myths.
  • Women's Health
    Drawing upon her clinical experience, certified psychosexologist Dr Karen Gurney lays bare the history of sex, its role in society, bedroom inequality and libido - alongside actionable advice on how to have the kind, and frequency, of sex you want.
  • Alix Fox, Grazia
    I thoroughly recommend Dr Karen Gurney's book Mind The Gap if you'd like to explore more about how sexual desire isn't something we should expect to be constantly present so long as we 'love' or 'fancy' someone, but is actually dependent upon all sorts of additional contextual factors, and how understanding all these - and to some extent, planning around them - can aid us in fostering greater desire if we wish to.
  • Recommended by Kate Moyle, GQ Magazine
    For couples wanting practical help