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Mary Berry's Christmas Collection

Over 100 fabulous recipes and tips for a hassle-free festive season
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    • Mary Berry
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Note: This is a reissue edition of Mary Berry's Christmas Collection originally published in 2013 by Headline. The cover and a handful of the internal images have been updated. Mary's foolproof recipes remain the same.

Mary Berry's Christmas Collection combines time-honoured festive favourites with a variety of new and exciting dishes to spice up the season. By taking the traditional Christmas fare and giving it a twist, Mary adds sparkle to every celebration.

Simple yet reliable recipes and Mary's handy hints will take the pressure off entertaining, whether it's for the big day itself, a Boxing Day crowd or an intimate New Year family gathering.

With an invaluable Christmas Day countdown, sample menus, shopping lists and ever-popular tips on preparing ahead and freezing, this is the must-have companion to the festive season.

Chapters include:
* Canapés
* First Courses
* Fish and Vegetarian
* Christmas Roasts
* Vegetables and Sides
* Traditional Christmas Puddings
* Festive Desserts
* Buffets and Boxing Day
  • Published: Nov 09 2023
  • Pages: 288
  • 252 x 196mm
  • ISBN: 9781472262035
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Press Reviews

  • Daily Mail
    Contains 100 fabulous recipes - both traditional and modern - for a hassle-free festive season, including an invaluable Christmas Day countdown, advice on cooking for a crowd, and tips on preparing ahead and freezing.
  • MumsNet
    For a foolproof Christmas, lots of Mumsnetters turn to Great British Bake Off royalty Mary Berry. Mary even kindly provides sample menus and shopping lists alongside her straightforward Christmas Day countdown, giving you a bit more headspace in those last few hectic days
  • Red
    Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a tried and trusted Mary Berry recipe or two. . . The reason we love Mary Berry recipes is that they always work. You know what you're going to be getting - the best version of a familiar flavour, the ultimate take on a well known dish