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Made for Murders: a collection of twelve Shakespearean mysteries

Master Hardy Drew Short Story Collection
  • Author
    • Peter Tremayne
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Anticipated publication date

Mar 14, 2024

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A one-off collection of twelve Shakespearean-themed murder mysteries set in Elizabethan London, featuring Master Hardy Drew, Constable of the Bankside Watch, from the acclaimed author of the 7th century Irish Sister Fidelma mysteries.

It is the early 1600s and the City of London sees Queen Elizabeth living out her dying days as Scottish King James waits in the wings to take to the throne.

Meanwhile, in Southwark, along the south bank of the River Thames, Master Hardy Drew, Constable of the Bankside Watch, maintains law and order amongst the cut-throats and smugglers, in the taverns and brothels, as well as with the gentlefolk, who flock across the river to enjoy the latest plays by Shakespeare and Jonson.

In twelve enthralling murder mysteries, brought together in this captivating collection of short stories, Master Hardy Drew confronts mystery and murder most foul and learns that deaths come cheaply on the Bankside Watch . . .

Acclaim for Peter Tremayne:

'This is masterly storytelling from an author breathes fascinating life into the world he is writing about' Belfast Telegraph

'Tremayne expertly incorporates historical and legal details of the time into the suspenseful plot' Publishers Weekly

'The background detail is brilliantly defined . . . wonderfully evocative' The Times
  • Published: Mar 14 2024
  • Pages: 368
  • 240 x 162mm
  • ISBN: 9781472296139

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