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Mad Woman

The hotly anticipated follow-up to lifechanging bestseller, MAD GIRL
  • Author
    • Bryony Gordon
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'A deeply reassuring essential read' Sunday Independent

'Visceral and honest' Telegraph

'Bryony Gordon is a terrific, compassionate writer' Elizabeth Day

'Bryony writes with such entertaining and brazen candour about mental illness...she really helps people tackle their own stuff. Her writing has helped me before and this will be another hit' Matt Haig

'A startlingly candid book' Daily Mail

'Gordon injects lightness into the darkness as she recounts her relapse into OCD and subsequent steps to recovery' Red Magazine


What if our notion of what makes us happy is the very thing that's making us so sad?

Ten years on from first writing about her own experiences of mental illness, Bryony Gordon still receives messages about the effect it has on people. Now perimenopausal and well into the next stage of her life, parenting an almost-adolescent, just what has that help - and that connection with other unwell people - taught Bryony about herself, and the society we live in? What has she learned, and why have her views on mental health changed so radically? After coming out the other side of the biggest trauma of our living memory - a global pandemic - existing in a state of perma-crisis has now become our new normal.

From burnout and binge eating, to living with fluctuating hormones and the endless battle to stay sober, Bryony begins to question whether she got mental illness wrong in the first place. Is it simply a chemical imbalance, or rather a normal response from your brain telling you that something isn't right? Mad Woman explores the most difficult of all the lessons she's learned over the last decade - that our notion of what makes a happy life is the very thing that's making us so sad.

Bestselling author Bryony Gordon is unafraid to write with her trademark blend of compassion, honesty and humour about her personal challenges and demons, which means her books and journalism have had profound impact on readers. She founded the mental health charity, Mental Health Mates, which has become a vast online community.

*Bryony Gordon's Mad Woman was a Sunday Times bestseller on 18th Feb 2024.
*Bryony Gordon's Mad Girl was a number one Sunday Times bestseller on 12th June 2016.
  • Published: Feb 15 2024
  • Pages: 320
  • 238 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781035408689

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