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Lamplight on the Thames

The war is over but a feud between two families has begun...
  • Author
    • Pamela Evans
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A dramatic story of bitter rivalry and forbidden love, Pam Evans' London saga, LAMPLIGHT ON THE THAMES, is sure to appeal to fans of Kitty Neale, Katie Flynn and Kate Thompson.

Since the end of the war, when Bob Brown had taken over the car workshop in London, Frank Bennett had been trying to get his hands on it. An East Ender made good, Frank was determined to get the prime site - whatever the cost.

As children, Bob's daughter Bella and Frank's son Dezi became unlikely friends, though both families disapproved. Years later, their love blossomed, and it seemed that nothing, not even the feud between their fathers, could prevent their marriage. Until Bob's tragic death and his dying request to Bella . . .
  • Published: Nov 17 2016
  • Pages: 448
  • 197 x 132mm
  • ISBN: 9781472243645

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