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Keeping Bad Company (Fran Varady 2)

A London crime novel of mystery and mistrust
  • Author
    • Ann Granger
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Alcoholic Albie may not be a reliable witness, but his claims might just be true...

When Fran Varady meets a down-and-out who has witnessed a kidnapping, she is soon on the case in Keeping Bad Company, the second book in Ann Granger's Fran Varady series. The perfect read for fans of Rebecca Tope and Val McDermid.

'The reader can expect a treat. Fran Varady is as fresh and vital as ever... Lively, different and fun' - Yorkshire Post

Buying a coffee for down-and-out 'Alkie' Albie at Marylebone Station is Fran Varady's good deed for the day. But when the grateful Albie takes her into his confidence, Fran suddenly finds herself launched on her second investigation. For Albie, though obviously fond of a drink and none too familiar with soup and water, is absolutely clear about one thing - he claims to be the only witness to the violent abduction of a young girl.

Although the police scornfully dismiss Albie's story as alcoholic hallucinations, Fran is determined to follow it up. And her suspicions seem to be spot on when she is warned off by her old sparring partner, Sergeant Parry, and then approached by a boyhood friend of her late father's, distraught over the kidnapping of his daughter. But this is only the beginning of Fran's investigation - days later, Alkie Albie is found dead...

What readers are saying about Keeping Bad Company:

'The characterisations are great - people and places so alive that you feel like you're right there'

'The dialogue weaves in and out of the main characters personalities, whom the author describes in an engaging and detailed fashion'

'Just excellent'
  • Published: Feb 05 1998
  • Pages: 320
  • 178 x 118mm
  • ISBN: 9780747255765

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