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Just Business

  • Author
    • Geraint Anderson
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In Geraint Anderson's JUST BUSINESS, it's murder in the city . . .

Steve Jones, our Cityboy hero, wants out. He's looking to cash in before the soul-stripping toil of coining it in London's financial heartland turns into a life sentence. All it will take is a handsome seven-figure wedge in the bank and it's the good life for him and goodbye to the horrors of the Square Mile.

Like the expert chancer he is, he sees an opportunity. Hacking into his boss's computer, he finds something that chills him to the bone. This is big time; there are bad men involved; there are millions at stake. So no change there then.

But when he stumbles upon a murder and becomes the prime suspect, he has to go on the run. Together with his partner Gemma, he improvises ingenious ways of outwitting the authorities, a vicious drug cartel and even M15 in a chase that will send him half way round the world if he's going to stay alive . . .
  • Published: Mar 15 2012
  • Pages: 384
  • 196 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9780755381739
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Press Reviews

  • Howard Marks
    'If you liked CITYBOY, you'll love this. It's engaging, witty and suspenseful. As bold and innovative as its author, JUST BUSINESS takes the reader on a breath-taking guided tour of cocaine blizzards, bankers' drafts, and emotional whirlwinds. I could put it down but not until long after I'd finished it. It's first class'
  • <i>Mirror</i>
    'Anderson has turned thriller writer to eek yet more revenge on avarice. Cool plotting. Smart polemic'