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I, Woz

  • Author
    • Steve Wozniak
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I, WOZ offers readers a unique glimpse into the offbeat and brilliant but ethical mind that conceived the Macintosh. After 25 years avoiding the public eye, Steve Wozniak reveals the full story of the Apple computer, from its conception to his views on the iconic cult status it has achieved today. In June 1975 Steve's curiosity and determination inspired him to build a computer, the first Apple. Six months later, he sold the machine, and for the self-professed 'engineer's engineer', success was imminent. But this story is full of life lessons, critical decisions, huge triumphs and big mistakes. Steve speaks also of his childhood, phone hacking pranks, working at Hewlett-Packard, the life-changing plane crash and teaching.
  • Published: Aug 09 2007
  • Pages: 352
  • 198 x 129mm
  • ISBN: 9780755314089

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Press Reviews

  • <i>The Times</i>
  • <i>Daily Telegraph</i>
    'A compelling, first-hand account'
  • <i>The Times</i>
    'Full of detail and charm'
  • <i>FT</i> magazine
    '[An] oddly endearing autobiography... written in a cheery, artless style'
  • <i>Sunday Times</i>
    'A small triumph'
  • <i>City A.M.</i>
    'An honest but quirky biography'
  • <i>Sydney Morning Herald</i>
    'I, WOZ is essential reading, not just because of the great prose or because it makes's real value lies in the reflections of the man who sparked the computer revolution...I, WOZ offers lessons for the next generation: believe in yourself, make do, be honest and work alone. He might have added: "be generous" - it's the way he's led his life'
  • <i>Sunday Express</i>
    'Wozniak... helped to kick-start the computer revolution. His account of his early geekdom and how all his skills came together to conceive the Apple I and Apple II computers is in many ways the highlight of the book'
  • <i>Sunday Times</i>
    'A valuable book'