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How Not to Let Having Kids Ruin Your Sex Life

Navigating the Parenting Years with Your Relationship Intact
  • Author
    • Dr Karen Gurney
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'A complete game-changer for my relationship' Hannah Witton

'Throw away the "new baby" books, THIS is the only book all parents need to read' Dr Martha Deiros Collado

'An inclusive, expert guide to an issue that affects all kinds of parents' Tom Cox (@unlikelydad)

There's a saying that having a baby is like a bomb going off in your relationship, and our sex lives are often part of the destruction left behind. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Sexual satisfaction is at its lowest for couples who have young families. Sleepless nights, plus changes to our bodies, identities and priorities mean that the passion that brought you together can start to feel like a distant memory. But how can you retain a great sexual connection even when you have so little time? How can you make sure that you still feel like sexual partners not just strung out co-parents at the end of the day?

Dr Karen Gurney is a consultant clinical psychologist and certified psychosexologist. In this essential book for parents everywhere, she will show you how to navigate the changes to your intimate lives that starting a family inevitably brings - and ensure you have great sex, forever. You'll discover how to communicate, how to invite intimacy, how to avoid key relationship pitfalls and how to survive the chaos and pressures of family life, and sleep deprivation at every stage. Optimistic, wise and compassionate, this book shows you how to protect your sex life after kids, (re)connect with both your own sexual self and your partner's, and how to have a mutually satisfying sexual relationship, long-term.
  • Published: Apr 04 2024
  • Pages: 304
  • 232 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781035405114

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Press Reviews

  • Dr Martha Deiros Collado
    Throw away the 'new baby' books, THIS is the only book all parents need to read
  • Hannah Witton
    This was a complete game-changer for my relationship
  • Dr Anita Mitra (@gynaegeek)
    If only we all had Dr Gurney to come and educate us all at medical school. Trust me, I'll be handing out copies of this book to my colleagues!
  • Tom Cox (@unlikelydad)

    An inclusive, expert guide to an issue that affects all kinds of parents