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Hello Again

The most dangerous killer is the one you already know. (Evelyn Talbot series, Book 2)
  • Author
    • Brenda Novak
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This is SILENCE OF THE LAMBS meets Karen Rose...

New York Times bestseller Brenda Novak's second novel in the Evelyn Talbot series, Hello Again, sees the return of psychiatrist Dr Evelyn Talbot in her purpose-built facility housing America's most terrifying psychopaths.

Dr Evelyn Talbot has spent her life looking over her shoulder after her teenage boyfriend Jasper Moore kidnapped, tortured and left her for dead.

She only just escaped with her life, he disappeared without a trace, and twenty-two years later Evelyn can still feel him lurking in the shadows. Studying the psychopathic minds at Hanover House - Alaska's first mental health facility for psychopaths - is how she will track him down.

Lyman Bishop could be the perfect subject. Evelyn discovers he is just as intelligent and trustworthy as Jasper appeared, and he hardly seems like the man who has been convicted of kidnapping and murdering several women.

But if Evelyn has learnt anything at all from her terrifying experience, it's that the most unassuming can be the most dangerous of all.

Look for the other gripping novels in the Evelyn Talbot series - Hello Again, Face Off and the prequel novella, Hanover House, available now.
  • Published: Nov 02 2017
  • Pages: 352
  • 196 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781472240996

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Press Reviews

  • Allison Brennan

    Seamless plotting, emotional intensity and true-to-life characters...completely satisfying
  • Christine Feehan

    Spins a taut, spine-tingling story with imagery so vivid it leaves you breathless
  • Karen Rose

    Gut-gripping suspense
  • Carla Neggers

    Richly detailed with believable characters and gripping action...Brenda Novak just gets better and better
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon

    Brenda Novak has carved out her spot among the masters of suspense and mystery
  • Library Journal
    Another engrossing addition to Novak's addictive series
  • <i>True Crime</i> magazine
    Her Darkest Nightmare is as stimulating as it is gripping, and Novak has crafted an exceptional new series that will leave you wanting more
  • <i>Anne Bonny Book Reviews</i> blog

    Extremely dark, very well written and definitely not for the faint hearted
  • Morning Star
    Terrifically suspenseful