Having the Decorators in

After months of Having the Builders In, Dame Constance's castle, Vine Regis, is her own again. Finally she can begin decorating her new extension. Or so she thinks...

Unfortunately it's not just her Italian decorator's choice of colours that are revolting - the townsfolk are at it too. Murderous rebels are rumoured to be on the rampage. But whilst Dame Constance takes the news in her stride her neighbours are running for cover at Vine Regis! As meddlesome merchants, pesky pilgrims and rowdy relatives descend, Constance's dreams of interior design disappear.

This simply won't do; Dame Constance should be picking out patterns, not picking up after uninvited guests. But as Lady of the Castle she must do her duty. Unless, of course, she can devise a way to get rid of them...

Having the Decorators In is deliciously delightful and infinitely more entertaining than watching paint dry.
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