Having the Builders in

Dame Constance de Clair has a remarkable talent for getting what she wants. And, at this precise moment, she wants to transform her overly square castle, Vine Regis, by adding an extension. But all is not going according to plan...

Quite apart from the fact that Constance's builders seem more intent on demolishing the existing castle than building the extension; her son's wife-to-be is determined to dislodge her as Lady of the Castle; her son appears more interested in going hunting than getting married; the French are threatening to invade; and to top it all off, there appears to be thievery afoot.

Something is going to have to be done before the estate begins to crumble (quite literally, at this rate) but the question is what...?

Delightfully witty and utterly charming this novel is for anyone today who has ever had, or contemplated...Having the Builders In.
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