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Hangman (Absalom Kearney 2)

  • Author
    • Stephan Talty
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When serial killer Marcus Flynn last haunted the streets of North Buffalo, his name left ripples of horror in its wake. Though caught and imprisoned, the legacy of the 'Hangman' - and the mysterious fate of his last victim - lives on.

Homicide cop Abbie Kearney never witnessed the Hangman's reign of terror first-hand - until now. Because somewhere out there, a monster who condemned innocents to death has escaped, and he is poised to strike again.

In a city driven to its knees by fear, Abbie leads a desperate manhunt, tracking a relentless predator. As more victims are claimed, the tide of secrecy rises, and Abbie must step beyond the law in her search for the killer. For with each passing hour, the stakes grow higher - and the Hangman's noose gets tighter...
  • Published: Dec 04 2014
  • 198 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472200204
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    A compelling read
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