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The Voices Book 4
  • Author
    • G X Todd
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'Of a piece with Stephen King's The Stand' INDEPENDENT

'Sharp... and gripping' SCIFINOW

'Compelling, suspenseful and altogether extraordinary' LEE CHILD

The heart-stopping conclusion to the highly acclaimed Voices series, where there is no place left to hide and nowhere else to run.

Seven years ago, the voices came. Some people could hear and others despised them for it. As death and destruction spread, a ghostly figure was waiting in the shadows. Now the Flitting Man is ready to show his face - and no one is safe.

Pilgrim was made for this broken world. He's chosen his path and will stop at nothing to see it through.

Lacey grew up in this changing world. She's lost almost everything to the Flitting Man, but her fight isn't over yet.

Albus sees this world as others cannot. And the friends that he's kept safe are facing terrible danger.

Addison belongs to a very different world. She might just be the future, if she survives...
  • Published: May 26 2022
  • 196 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781472233226

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