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Friday Night in Beast House (Beast House Chronicles, Book 4)

A chilling tale of a haunted house
  • Author
    • Richard Laymon
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The last novel in the Laymon's BEAST HOUSE series.

Michael would do anything to get a date with Alison - anything. Alison has just one condition for guys that want to date her - they have to spend a night with her in the legendary Beast House. To Michael a night alone with Alison is a chance of a lifetime but if the stories about the Beast House are true it may also be a chance to die. As he waits for Alison, in the cellar of the macabre museum, Michael tries to keep his first date nerves in check. But what he's feeling now is nothing compared to the terror he'll face before the night is out...

  • Published: Oct 04 2007
  • Pages: 160
  • 198 x 170mm
  • ISBN: 9780755337651

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