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Foxtrot Oscar

  • Author
    • Charlie Owen
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It's 1976 and England is sweating its nuts off. As an unrelenting heat wave beats down on the nation, the residents of Horse's Arse - aka Handstead New Town, north Manchester - are reaching melting point. The Park Royal Mafia, having recovered from the loss of its senior members, is under new management and open for the business of mindless violence again. Unfortunately their antics have attracted the attention of a psychotic Turkish gangster, who's decided the Mafia is just what he needs to pull himself to the top of the criminal heap. And wading into the middle of it are the Grim Brothers, Psycho, Pizza, Ally - Horse's Arse's finest and the hardestboiled coppers you'll ever meet. With this lot hot under the collar it's all going to end in blood, (a lot of) sweat and tears.
  • Published: May 01 2008
  • Pages: 416
  • 247 x 148mm
  • ISBN: 9780755336876
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