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Fires of Fortune

A sweeping Australian saga about love and understanding
  • Author
    • Patricia Shaw
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As a boy, Ben Beckman is sheltered from the hard aspects of life by his Aborigine mother Diamond. He is unaware that he is the son of the ruthless Ben Buchanan, a prominent figure in the state political scene, and that as a half-caste he is unwelcome in Brisbane society. Then one appalling night Diamond's life comes to an end. Crazed with grief, Ben vandalises his neighbour Dr Thurlwell's mansion - for the doctor refused to tend his mother. Ben's actions are to have tragic consequences.

Over hard years, Ben's hatred for Dr Thurlwell deepens. The girl next door is Pheobe Thurlwell, whom Ben has known all his life. When she offers the hand of friendship he is still motivated by a bitter feud with her parents. Pheobe is sent away to a friend's cattle station to remove her from Ben's influence, but he follows. There he comes face to face with his father, a far more dangerous adversary than he ever thought possible...
  • Published: Feb 15 1996
  • Pages: 596
  • 179 x 111mm
  • ISBN: 9780747249139
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