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Fire and Rain: A scorching, page-turning novel you won't be able to put down

  • Author
    • Diane Chamberlain
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What if the only person you can trust is the LAST person you should?

A well-loved and gripping read from the Sunday Times bestselling author about rumours and old ghosts...


Struggling TV reporter Carmen Perez is desperate. Her career is crumbling, and everyone around her doubts her ability to cope.

Then Jeff Cabrio arrives - a mysterious stranger who claims he can douse the small town's spreading wildfires by making it rain.

The town has no choice but to trust him, but it's clear he's running from something much darker. All Carmen has to do is uncover his secret and the story she craves is hers.

Exposing the truth might save Carmen's career, but the consequences could be devastating...

Unlock the secrets you'll love to discover with Diane Chamberlain, the storyteller beloved of readers everywhere:

'An excellent read that will be loved by her fans and anyone who enjoys reading' Jodi Picoult

'I completely LOVED this book' Jane Green

'Totally powerful and beautifully written. I love Diane's writing' Cathy Kelly

'Incredibly moving story, rich in character and atmosphere. I couldn't put it down' Susan Lewis

'With beautifully drawn characters and a string of twists that will keep you guessing right up to the end' Stylist

'Chamberlain puts so much grit, emotion and drama into her books that it's impossible to stop thinking about them' Heat

'Gripping' Woman & Home

'Essential reading for Jodi Picoult fans' Daily Mail
  • Published: Jun 04 2020
  • Pages: 512
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472271341

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