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Fathers and Sons

  • Author
    • Alexander Waugh
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The Waugh family has been writing books since the nineteenth century. Evelyn's father, brother and son were all writers and now his grandson has taken up the baton. Based on recollections of his father, Auberon, and on a mine of hitherto unseen documents relating to Evelyn and his close family, Alexander Waugh skilfully traces the threads of influence that have linked father to son across a century of conflict, turmoil and change.

FATHERS AND SONS is much more than a family tale: it is a study of birth and death, of writers and writing, of conforming and rebelling. It is a frank and intimate memoir, a revealing history and a book about famous men.
  • Published: Sep 05 2005
  • Pages: 480
  • 198 x 131mm
  • ISBN: 9780755312559
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Press Reviews

  • Independent
    'An honest and entertaining account'
  • Independent on Sunday
    'His account is intimate and heartfelt but unsentimentally told and with a wit and verve that his father could be proud of'
  • Independent
    Honest and entertaining account
  • Sunday Herald
    'Barbed editorialising that brings to mind his illustrious forebears... substantial insight'
  • Sunday Telegraph
    'hilarious and moving family memoir'
  • Sunday Herald
    'barbed editorialising that brings to mind his illustrious forebears ....substantial insight'