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Far From Home

A young woman finds hope and tragedy in 1920s Liverpool
  • Author
    • Lyn Andrews
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Lyn Andrews' storytelling gift shines through on every page of her Sunday Times bestseller FAR FROM HOME - the perfect read if you enjoy the novels of Kate Thompson and Dilly Court.

As daughter of the blacksmith in her tiny Irish village, sixteen-year-old Kitty Doyle knows little of the ways of the world, but she has to grow up fast when her widowed father re-marries and she has no choice but to leave the family home.

Luckily there's work to be found over the water in 1920s Liverpool and soon Kitty has a job in a grocer's, where she also catches the eye of the owner.

With Kitty's input the business is soon thriving - but tragedy lies ahead, and she must endure many trials and tribulations before she can find true happiness...
  • Published: Dec 15 2016
  • Pages: 368
  • 198 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472246646
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Press Reviews

  • Woman's Weekly
    Praise for Lyn Andrews: 'An outstanding storyteller'
  • Best
    A vivid portrayal of life
  • Woman's Own
    A compelling read
  • Northern Echo
    The Catherine Cookson of Liverpool
  • Daily Express
    Gutsy...a vivid picture of a hard-up, hard-working community...will keep the pages turning