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England Managers

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    • Brian Glanville
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The England national team has had 12 full-time managers and Brian Glanville has known them all. In this fascinating account of each man his strengths, weaknesses and impact on the game Brian Glanville provides an in-depth analysis of the team as well as the individuals under scrutiny. Funny, controversial, measured and thought-provoking, Glanvilles assessment of why England has underachieved is required reading for all football fans and for every member of the FA Committee if they are prepared to confront some unpalatable truths.

On Revie: He was never cut out for the lonely exposed life of an international manager almost pathologically thin-skinned.
On Robson: A mixture of good and bad luck characterised his years. He never seemed fully in control.
On Venables: Highly competent but appointed a few years too late.
On Hoddle: A curates egg of a regime.'
  • Published: May 01 2008
  • Pages: 320
  • 198 x 134mm
  • ISBN: 9780755316526
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Press Reviews

  • <i>Sunday Times</i>
    'if you want to know about England managers, this is absolutely the place to come'
  • <i>Daily Telegraph</i>
    'the book that results from Glanville's six decades on the England beat deserves to be the definitive text on the subject'
  • <i>The Times</i> magazine
    'a purist's guide to the management of the England team, full of anecdotes that remind us that England's pursuit of glory has always been peppered with ignominy'
  • <i>Observer</i>
    'casts a clear eye over the good, the bad and the enigma that is Svennis'
  • <i>The Times</i>
    'an essential book'
  • <i> Birmingham Mail </i>
    'filled with fascinating...detail relating to the various regimes - offering fresh insight'