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Empowered Fertility

A Practical Twelve Step Guide
  • Authors
    • Claire Hall
    • Dr Devora Lieberman
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This clear, perceptive and incredibly helpful book enables women to empower themselves to deal with the difficult and emotionally fraught issues surrounding infertility.

Written by experienced counsellor Claire Hall and fertility expert Dr Devora Lieberman, Empowered Fertility is a practical guide for women to help them through the experience of infertility and emerge with their mental wellbeing, friendships, relationships and finances intact. It contains clear, well-structured information and offers practical guidance.

Each section of the book gives the reader information and support to address physical, psychological, emotional and social challenges that can arise when dealing with infertility, and also with IVF treatment. Subjects include managing expectations, dealing with fear, releasing control and handling changes in relationships.

The reader can make use of the coaching tools and exercises to help with each step. For those who are starting or are in the midst of IVF treatment, the last section of the book forms an IVF Cycle Handbook, to guide women through their experience.
  • Published: Aug 08 2019
  • Pages: 208
  • 197 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472269737
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