Double Homicide

DOUBLE HOMICIDE is a superb collaboration between two bestselling thriller writers, Faye and Jonathan Kellerman. 'Writing as a team for the first time, the Kellermans get it just right: pacing, plotting, even the prose . . . oh-so-refreshingly readable' (Kirkus Reviews). This stunning collaboration is bound to appeal to all fans of Patricia Cornwell and Harlan Coben.

In Santa Fe, Darrel Two Moons and Steve Katz are called to the scene of a blunt-force homicide. Did the deceased, a wealthy art dealer, stumble on a burglar stealing a priceless painting, or did one of his many enemies finally seek revenge?

Dorothy Breton is called to downtown Boston to find that her elder son is a witness to the killing of a promising athlete in a shoot-out. The evidence is stacked against the obvious culprit - until the autopsy shows the young man didn't die of gunshot wounds . . .
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