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    • Tom Fox
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The Vatican Cathedral is packed to the rafters as Pope Gregory XVII leads the congregation in mass. A cloaked stranger steps suddenly and fearlessly towards the altar and commands the wheelchair-bound Pope to stand.

He does.

The miracle stops the world in its tracks. Who is this stranger?

More miraculous events follow and as the Vatican retreats and closes its doors to the world, journalist Alexander Trecchio and police officer Gabriella Fierro set out to find an explanation that might calm an increasingly hysterical nation.

Because the question on everyone's lips is what the stranger's arrival might mean...and whether it finally heralds the End of Days.

DOMINUS is a relentless conspiracy thriller that will leave you every bit as breathless as Dan Brown's Robert Langdon novels and Simon Toyne's SANCTUS
  • Published: Oct 08 2015
  • Pages: 416
  • 203 x 153mm
  • ISBN: 9781472226167

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Press Reviews

    Head and shoulders above the usual Church themed thrillers with an intelligent plot and thoughtful characters
    Fox uses a strong narrative and credible dialogue to propel the story forward, while also honing the short-chapter technique that fits perfectly with the numerous cliffhanger moments embedded throughout. Fox takes the reader through a fast-pace exploration of the inner workings of the Holy See and attempts to place faith and proof under the proverbial microscope. A fascinating thriller that will pull readers in from the opening pages, Fox delivers and shows his potential as a first-rate writer in the genre
  • Wigan Today
    Dominus, a twisting, turning thriller with an intriguing mystery at its heart, pits good against evil, faith against cynicism, truth against lies . . . and is guaranteed to keep the pages turning from the knockout opening sequence to a shocking and nail-biting conclusion
    Fox offers a new twist with a stronger reliance on the concept of faith and the nature of miracles and if the reader is able to buy into this a little it is an entertaining read . . . an entertaining read
  • For the Love of Books
    Head and shoulders above the usual Church themed thrillers with an intelligent plot and thoughtful characters
  • Bookloons
    The closing scenes had me holding my breath. No fair reading the ending first. Stick to protocol and read in the usual manner to enjoy a really good book
    The thrill of the plot, the fascinating stranger, the fabulous premise and the sympathetic character of the leading figures ensured that I was swept along by the novel and its mystery all the way to the shocking and harrowing conclusion. If you're after a fun, well-written thriller for the summer holidays then I think Dominus would suit very well indeed