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Dirty Promises: Dirty Angels 3

  • Author
    • Karina Halle
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The third addictive, raw and sizzling Dirty Angels book from the author of The Pact, The Artists Trilogy and Love, in English. Set in the wild, heated world of Mexico, fans of Joanna Wylde, Kristen Proby and Tarryn Fisher will thrill to this series.

Blood. Sex. Revenge. Being king comes at a brutal price.

Drug lord Javier Bernal has sliced and diced his way to the top of the Mexican drug trade, presiding over the country's largest cartel. But his rise to power comes at a ruthless price: the death of his sister, Alana.

Devastated and wracked with guilt, Javier shuns his new wife, Luisa, forcing their marriage into a steady decline. When she's pushed into the waiting arms of Esteban Mendoza, his right-hand man, it seems Javier has lost everything. Only by piecing together the truth about Alana does he realise just what he has to gain.

Blood will spill. Cities will burn. Heads will roll. Because Javier will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants. And he wants raw, ruthless revenge.

Addicted to Karina's wild Dirty Angels world? Don't miss Books One and Two in the series, Dirty Angels and Dirty Deeds. And for more of her deliciously dark romance, check out The Artists Trilogy...
  • Published: Nov 19 2015
  • Pages: 336
  • 200 x 132mm
  • ISBN: 9781472228888

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Press Reviews

  • Joanna Wylde

    Uncompromising and disturbing - I couldn't put it down. Nobody writes like Karina Halle, and in this book she takes it to a new level. If you like dark reads, I'd recommend this one highly
  • K.A. Tucker

    A dark, unpredictable love story that blows away conventional boundaries
  • Totally Booked
    Dirty, dangerous and utterly addictive
  • My Book Muse
    This is by far the grittiest, dirtiest, and most violent of Karina's writing... I am and forever will be a Javier fan
  • Jay Crownover, <i>New York Times </i> bestselling author

    This is hands down my favorite dark and dangerous series
  • Warhawke’s Vault
    I'm happy Karina Halle is back doing what she can do best - the thrill and the suspense. There was never a dull moment
  • Desert Diva’s Book Addiction
    Allow Karina Halle to take you on ride you will never forget... She continues to prove that she is one of the most versatile authors in this industry
  • Little Red Riding Hood
    One of my favorite reads of 2015... Halle continues to amaze (and let's be honest, scare) me with her writing style
  • The Book Bella
    A brutal, rough, gritty and violent story that is incredibly gripping, sexy and readable
  • Smut Book Junkie
    I believe Dirty Promises may be Halle's best book yet. She shows the true extent of her talent and creativity, and her artistic and storytelling skills
  • Black Heart Reviews
    Dirty Promises may be Halle's best writing since Sins & Needles. It's definitely the most exciting. The most brutal. The most uninhibited
  • Four Chicks Flipping Pages
    Dirty Promises was everything I craved, wanted, and needed in a dark romance... Take a chance on this mind-blowing, dark, and twisted book that has the power to rip and shred your heart to pieces
  • Nicely Phrased Book Blog
    Dirty Promises, promises to be dirty... I love Karina Halle. I love that she pushes and pushes her boundaries as well as ours... I'm even a little afraid of her now... She's diverse, relevant, and a must read for anyone who loves edgier romances
  • Read More Sleep Less
    Dark, cruel, brutal and violent! I was on the edge of my seat throughout... I will say again and again, Karina Halle is a God for me!
  • Three Girls And A Book Obsession
    These characters live raw, they live dirty and they live rough... I am amazed at Karina Halle's imagination and her writing, but most of all her bravery to put on a page what most people run screaming from
  • Must Read Books Or Die
    Dirty Promises is a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions and I was horrified. I was mezmerized... The writing is so raw, no pretty prose, but in-your-face flawless words that paint this dirty world
  • After Dark Book Lovers
    For all the torture and emotional pain, there was also a breathtaking love between Luisa and Javier. Just when I would think I couldn't handle anymore, Karina would remind me why I fell in love with them