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Dirty Angels: Dirty Angels 1

  • Author
    • Karina Halle
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A raw, gritty and hot read from the author of The Artists Trilogy, Love, in English and The Pact. Filled with forbidden love, twisted lives, and explosive action, and set in the scorching heat and headiness of Mexico, fans of Joanna Wylde, Kristen Proby and Tarryn Fisher won't want to miss this.

For Luisa Chavez, former beauty queen, every day is a struggle to survive. Working as a waitress in Cabo San Lucas is her only hope until Salvador Reyes, depraved leader of a Mexican drug cartel, offers her a lifeline. Salvador wants Luisa as his prized wife, and she can't say no.

Robbed of all her freedom, even the finest wines and most precious jewels can't make up for the ugliness and violence of her marriage. Desperate to escape, Luisa's wish comes true in the deadliest form: Javier Bernal, head of a rival cartel.

Javier will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And he wants to take Luisa, use her, and ruin her. Unless she ruins him first...

Don't miss Book Two in the Dirty Angels series, Dirty Deeds - for more dark, dangerous and breathtakingly sexy action. And be sure to catch The Artists Trilogy for more of Javier...
  • Published: Apr 09 2015
  • Pages: 352
  • 198 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781472228840

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Press Reviews

  • Joanna Wylde

    Uncompromising and disturbing - I couldn't put it down. Nobody writes like Karina Halle, and in this book she takes it to a new level. If you like dark reads, I'd recommend this one highly
  • K.A. Tucker

    A dark, unpredictable love story that blows away conventional boundaries
  • Totally Booked
    Dirty, dangerous and utterly addictive
  • My Book Muse
    Dirty Angels is a story about power vs. weakness, good vs. evil, strategy vs. threat. All in all, it's like a game of chess with the addition of scorching-hot sex
  • Romantic Times
    A story that just about jumps from the pages directly onto the big screen. Fans of suspense and twisted romance will be overjoyed with Halle's talent
  • Bookish Temptations
    Full of twists, surprises, action... This book was spectacular, unique and made me feel all sorts of raw and deep emotions
  • Four Chicks Flipping Pages
    Karina's writing is flawless. She writes with so much passion that you can't help but fall in love with her characters
  • Romance at Random
    Just the right mix of intense emotions: love, hate, anger and sadness
  • Smexy Books
    She dares us to fall in love with the bad