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    • Jayne Sterne
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When eight-year-old Jayne left bomb-torn Northern Ireland, her family stayed with relations and a distant relative began a campaign of abuse so horrifying that her world was shattered forever.

When the family moved again, Jayne thought the nightmare was over. She was wrong. Her relative came too. And, as her parents had to work nights, Jayne's abuser became her 'carer'.

Raped repeatedly by him, beaten, abused and battered, Jayne's life was a living hell.

One thing kept Jayne sane: the love and care of her older brother, Stuart. But he had demons of his own, and Jayne watched in helpless despair as the boy who had always protected her turned into an adult consumed by rage. Out of control and on the edge, Stuart went on to commit one of the most terrible crimes of recent years....

DESTROYED is the heart-stopping tale of an innocence destroyed and a family torn apart - told by a woman who has finally managed to confront her harrowing past.
  • Published: Sep 04 2008
  • Pages: 320
  • 199 x 131mm
  • ISBN: 9780755317998
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