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  • Author
    • Louise Bagshawe
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Lisa Costello is leading a charmed life - until she wakes up the morning after her glamorous Thailand wedding to find her new husband Josh dead in their bed, the murder weapon in her hand. She remembers learning at the wedding that Josh had been unfaithful, but she certainly doesn't remember killing him. As Lisa flees the scene for Europe, ex-FBI trainee Sam Murray is on her trail. Catching up with her, he's quickly convinced she's been set up, and they start to work out which of movie producer Josh's many enemies could be behind the hit. It's a race against time to unearth the truth and keep Lisa out of jail - or gunned down by the professional assassin tailing them. And the danger only adds to the excitement of the passion brewing between them...
  • Published: Jul 22 2010
  • Pages: 448
  • 199 x 129mm
  • ISBN: 9780755336142

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Press Reviews

  • <i>Daily Mail</i>
    'A fabulous read... [Bagshawe] might well take over the Jackie Collins mantle with this'
  • <i>Daily Mail</i>
    'This is a fabulous read. A completely gripping global manhunt and glorious romance combine in this race against time to discover who was really behind the hit. Bagshawe is a brilliant writer - she might well take over the Jackie Collins mantle with this. I can't recommend it highly enough'
  • <i>Heat</i>
    'Gripping and exciting... A funny, captivating read that may shatter a few celebrity crush dreams but make you believe in true love'
  • <i>Heat</i>
    'Gripping and exciting'
  • <i>Closer</i>
    'Thrilling, slick and addictive, this is escapism at its best'
  • <i>Metro</i>
    'You can't accuse Louise Bagshawe of not packing a punch in the opening pages of her glamorous new thriller DESIRE'
  • <i>Inside Soap</i>
    'This absorbing latest novel from the bestselling author will have you eager to turn each page'
  • <i>Courier Mail</i>, Australia
    'A fast-paced and fun thriller'
  • Daily Mail
    'This is a fabulous read'
  • <i>NW magazine</i>
    'Gripping and passionate'
  • Daily Express
    'A great summer read'