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Dead and Buried (Bob Skinner series, Book 16)

A gritty Edinburgh mystery full of murder and intrigue
  • Author
    • Quintin Jardine
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Murder is rarely cut and dried. Usually it follows its own unique, twisted logic... Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner has a failed marriage on his hands, and a death on his conscience. He faces the biggest challenge of his career within the secret corridors of Westminster, where dark power is wielded. Meanwhile, back in Edinburgh, Skinner's daughter is being harassed by a stalker. Can he protect her? A bookmaker has taken one gamble too many and paid his debt in a gruesome fashion. Is it an underworld vendetta, or something more sinister? Alongside it all a casual call to the Chief Constable sets him on a personal crusade which quickly points to a bigamist at work. Or is it worse? Four crimes, four crises: can Skinner and his people solve them? Indeed can they survive them?
  • Published: Jan 31 2013
  • Pages: 480
  • 196 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9780755399468
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