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Coronation Year

An enthralling historical novel, perfect for fans of The Crown
  • Author
    • Jennifer Robson
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The author of The Gown returns with another enthralling and royal-adjacent historical novel - as the lives of three very different residents of London's historic Blue Lion hotel converge in a potentially explosive climax on the day of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation. Perfect for fans of The Crown.
London, 1953. A new Queen is about to be crowned, and at the historic Blue Lion Hotel, the lives of three residents are about to change in unexpected ways.

Edie Howard, owner of the hotel, needs a miracle to rescue it from closure. Now, it will become a sought after spot as the young Queen's carriage passes by on Coronation Day, offering Edie the chance to save her business from financial ruin.

Stella Donati, an Italian photographer and Holocaust survivor, lives at the Blue Lion. Her coveted position at Picture Weekly magazine opens a different world, giving her a purpose she thought she had lost with everything else she knew.

James Geddes, a gifted artist, has struggled to make his mark since his return from active service in the war in a world that disdains his Indian heritage. The Blue Lion affords him sanctuary and a welcome. Yet as his friendship with Edie deepens, he begins to suspect that something is badly amiss.

When anonymous threats focus on Coronation Day, Edie, Stella and James are determined to save their home, their livelihoods, and to expose those who seek to destroy them and the joyful promise of Coronation Year.
Don't miss The Gown - an enthralling historical novel about one of the most famous wedding dresses of the twentieth century - Queen Elizabeth's wedding gown - and the fascinating women who made it:

'Will dazzle and delight' Independent

'Robson succeeds in creating a riveting drama of female friendship, of lives fully lived despite unbearable loss, and of the steadfast effort required to bring forth beauty after surviving war' Independent

'A great tale of female friendship' People's Friend
  • Published: Apr 04 2023
  • Pages: 400
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781035404216

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Press Reviews

  • Pam Jenoff, <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author

    In The Gown, Jennifer Robson illuminates with her signature meticulous historical detail and sure voice the story behind Queen Elizabeth's wedding dress. Through the friendship of dressmakers Ann and Miriam, and the modern day mystery of a set of embroidered flowers, readers are drawn into an unforgettable story of friendship, hardship and hope. Robson has managed to craft a story that is personal and universal, timely and timeless. The Gown soars!
  • Lauren Willig

    A moving story about the power of female friendship and renewal in the face of adversity. Like the good luck sprig of heather hidden amid the embroidery on Princess Elizabeth's wedding dress, this story promises secrets and lives that bloom in unlikely ways. Perfect for fans of The Crown!
  • Leslie Carroll, author of <i>American Princess: The Love Story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry</i>

    Embroidering a magical moment in royal history, Robson tells a heartrending story of friendship, loss, love, and redemption.
  • Publishers Weekly starred review
    Robson delivers a satisfying multi-generational epic ... Robson's meticulous attention to historical details - notably the intricacies of the embroidery work - is a wonderful complement to the memorable stories of Ann and Miriam, making for a winning, heartwarming tale
  • Booklist starred review
    Robson deftly weaves issues of class, trauma, romance, and female friendship with satisfying details of Ann and Miriam's craft. This unique take on the royal wedding will be an easy sell to fans of Netflix's The Crown and a sure bet for readers of women-centered historical fiction by Kate Morton, Kate Quinn, or Susanna Kearsley
  • Library Journal
    Robson vividly brings to life these three women's struggles. Historical details about fabric, embroidery, and the royal family are well incorporated into their stories, with light romance rounding out this charming work of historical fiction
  • Kirkus
    ...meticulous attention to the historical detail of post-World War II London... A fascinating glimpse into the world of design, the healing power of art, and the importance of women's friendships