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Commander (Jack Lark, Book 10)

Expedition on the Nile, 1869
  • Author
    • Paul Fraser Collard
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The tenth book in the compelling historical military adventure series for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Anthony Riches and Juliet Stockwin.

'Like all the best vintages Jack Lark has aged to perfection. Scarred, battered and bloody, his story continues to enthral' Anthony Riches

'Impossible to put down... full of action and intrigue that leaves the reader thirsty for more' History... the Interesting Bits

'Nobody writing today depicts the chaos, terror and brutality of war better' Matthew Harffy

A true leader serves his men.

Egypt, 1869. Jack Lark has reinvented himself once more. Working as an unofficial agent for the Consul-General, he moves among the most powerful men in Cairo. But when the opportunity arises to join legendary explorer Sir Samuel White Baker on his expedition into the Sudan, Jack can't resist a new adventure.

Jack assumes command of an elite cadre to protect the fleet of vessels. But, as they move down the Nile, Jack and his men soon find themselves in a land where the rule of law means nothing, and those who wield power will do anything to keep it. And when a new friend seeks Jack's help, Jack must decide where his loyalties truly lie . . .




'Brutal, bloody and thoroughly enjoyable'

'The authenticity of the historical context shines through'

'Everything you need in an historical military novel. Intrigue, deception, the horror of combat, revenge...'

'All in all, a brilliant book'

'Part of the great value of this book is the feel and atmosphere it evokes'
  • Published: May 12 2022
  • Pages: 400
  • 196 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781472263483

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Press Reviews

  • The Times
    Historical adventure with nuance and a flawed, melancholy hero
  • Matthew Harffy

    The title of the novel could just as easily refer to its author as to its protagonist, for Paul Fraser Collard commands the genre of historical action adventure with as much aplomb as Jack Lark commands his troops.