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Cold Blooded Liar

the first gripping thriller in a brand new series from the bestselling author
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    • Karen Rose
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He lies about everything. Except for murder.

'High-wire suspense that keeps you riveted' LISA GARDNER

The first thrilling book in the brand new San Diego Case Files series by Sunday Times bestseller Karen Rose.

Colton Driscoll is a compulsive liar. But there's one thing his psychologist Sam Reeves fears he is telling the truth about: murder. Concerned his patient has committed an awful crime and that the life of another girl could be under threat, Sam calls in an anonymous tip to the San Diego Police Department.

Detective Kit McKittrick works homicide in the hope that one day she will find out what happened to her foster sister, Wren. When a tip comes in from an anonymous caller it leads her to the body of a girl whose murder has the hallmarks of a serial killer that has been at large for almost twenty years. It also leads her to the source of the information: Dr Sam Reeves.

Will Kit be able to crack the cold case in time to stop another murder being committed? And is Sam Reeves being a concerned citizen trying to help, or is there another more sinister reason he has so much information?


''Karen Rose never disappoints!'

'She is phenomenal at weaving an absorbing, detailed plot full of suspense and all interwoven with a beautiful love story'

'These books will make you laugh, cry, rage and marvel at how the written word can inspire every emotion you have!'

'The characters are so well described you feel as if they are real people'

'I love this author's writing. Each book is like meeting up with old friends. I can't recommend it highly enough'

'If you haven't read her before, I heartily recommend her'

'She keeps you wanting to learn all about the characters and anticipating what is going to happen next. Highly recommend all of her books'

'I just couldn't put it down, I'd definitely recommend this author'

'It is just painstaking waiting for her next novel'
  • Published: Jun 22 2023
  • 194 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472296832

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    Another gripping, twisty thriller from bestselling Rose roars into top gear . . . you'll be hooked