Clean Living

Luke HinesScott Gooding
Life is all about choices. We all have the choice to have a body that is as fit and healthy as it can be. This can be achieved through optimal training, clean nutrition and adopting a positive lifestyle. Not only can we all attain this, this lifestyle can be easy, economical and sustainable. It is widely accepted that it takes around 21 days to change a habit, Clean Living provides the perfect three-week overhaul that will kickstart the journey to a healthy new you.

With a fully illustrated exercise program and a three-week menu plan of mouth-watering, paleo-style food, Clean Living is the guide for anyone who wants to change their life right now to be the very best they can be.

• The five principles you need to embody clean living.
• A fully illustrated three-week exercise plan to help you move your body and improve your health.
• A three-week menu plan of delicious paleo-style food, complete with mouth-watering recipes.
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