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Circle of Shadows

  • Author
    • Imogen Robertson
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Death at the Carnival: riddle, ritual and murder

Shrove Tuesday, 1783. While the nobility dance at a masked ball, beautiful Lady Martesen is murdered. Daniel Clode is found by her body, his wrists slit and his memories nightmarish. What has he done? Harriet Westerman and Gabriel Crowther race to the Duchy of Maulberg to save Daniel from the executioner's axe. There they find a capricious Duke on the point of marriage, a court consumed by luxury and intrigue, and a bitter enemy from the past. After another cruel death, they must discover the truth, no matter how horrific it is. Does the answer lie with the alchemist seeking the elixir of life? With the automata makers in the Duke's fake rural idyll? Or in the poisonous lies oozing around the court as the elite strive for power?
  • Published: Nov 22 2012
  • Pages: 416
  • 198 x 131mm
  • ISBN: 9780755372089

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Press Reviews

  • <i>Yorkshire Gazette and Herald</i>
    'Imogen Robertson mixes the crime and historical genres into an intriguing book that will keep you entertained from the first page to the last. She is certainly a name to be watched'
  • Nicci French
    'Matchless storytelling, gripping and moving in equal measure. Addictive'
  • Tess Gerritsen
    'Chillingly extraordinary thriller'
  • <i>Daily Telegraph</i>
    This series, launched after Robertson won a Telegraph writing competition, continues to excel'