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Caribbean Modern

Recipes from the Rum Islands
  • Author
    • Shivi Ramoutar
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When you think of the Caribbean, a hundred beautiful clichés come to mind - white sand, blue sky, salty breezes and balmy nights. But what of the food? Eating is at the heart of Caribbean life: people come together in the kitchen, someone starts cooking and soon there is laughter, music and fantastic food.

Shivi Ramoutar grew up in Trinidad, Leicester and London. As a supperclub host and pop-up chef, Shivi turned to her favourite Caribbean dishes for inspiration. Her recipes are a wonderful melting pot of flavours: traditional Coconut Chicken Rundown sits alongside Red Bean and Spinach Mac 'n' Cheese and Baked Eggs Creole. Her food is fresh and zingy, exciting and exotic, but also satisfyingly homely and hearty. And not forgetting the fun -
Salted Tamarind Caramel Sundae, Smashed Banana Pancakes and Peanut Butter and Jelly Cheesecake - without which the book just wouldn't be Caribbean.
  • Published: Jun 04 2015
  • Pages: 256
  • 254 x 195mm
  • ISBN: 9781472223265
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Press Reviews

  • Thomasina Miers
    Shivi's food is bright, colourful and hugely evocative of the deliciously spiced 'Caribbean' food that I have grown to love whenever I visit that part of the world. I want to eat everything in this book.
  • Sabrina Ghayour
    It's here! It's here! Shivi Ramoutar's AMAZING debut book.
  • Telegraph Food
    Shivi specialises in light, modern recipes that showcases the most vibrant ingredients from the area and her new book, Caribbean Modern, celebrates this type of cooking, while remaining true to the hospitable Caribbean spirit.
  • House & Garden
    Caribbean Modern should convince any doubters that there is far more to the cooking of the rum islands than jerk chicken and mutton curry.
  • Guardian Cook
    If you've got the music, the flipflops, the shades and the sunny disposition, all you need is a spread of something special and you'll be "liming". Liming, as Trinidadian supperclub host Shivi Ramoutar puts it, is the specifically Trinidadian art of doing nothing, accompanied by bountiful food and drink. Ramoutar's recent debut cookbook, Caribbean Modern (Headline), is brimming with recipes that can make that happen: buttermilk fried chicken, jerk pulled pork and watermelon salad, crab backs and fried bakes, all bold flavours and bright colours to bring the islands to your picnic rug.