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Blind Spot

The Sara Jones Cycle
  • Author
    • Terence Bailey
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After the horrors she suffered in Wales, Dr Sara Jones has returned to London and found a way to use her fledgling psychic abilities for good, belying the grim predictions of her former mentor, serial killer Eldon Carson.

But when events cause Sara to doubt the trustworthiness of her visions, she is thrown into uncertainty. This happens just as Sara’s partner, ex-police Inspector Jamie Harding, accepts work from her late brother’s firm Thorndike Aerospace.

It’s not just the dark morality of the arms trade that troubles Sara – it’s also her unsettling visions of Jamie’s new boss. But how can she trust what she’s seen? Is Jamie in as much danger as she fears?
  • Published: Aug 02 2018
  • Pages: 304
  • 198 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781786155085
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