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Better Than Fiction

The perfect bookish, opposites-attract rom-com to curl up with!
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    • Alexa Martin
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A book-hating bookshop owner and a hopeless romantic author discover that love isn't always by the book in this charming bookish, opposites-attract romantic comedy, perfect for fans of Talia Hibbert and Lyssa Kay Adams. One of Buzzfeed's New Romances to Read This Fall!

Early readers are giving Better Than Fiction five shining stars!

'This might be my favorite rom com I've read this year!'

'I ate this book up! It was just what I needed right now'

'Ooh this was a yummy book. The characters, the setting, the story, the journey, just everything about it. It is such a happily-ever-after book and I'm here for it!'

'My queen, Alexa Martin, knows exactly how to write perfect banter and this book will not disappoint . . . A romance that will tug at all your heartstrings'

'I honestly loved this amazing book! The characters, the story, the love, the friendships, every single thing . . . just simply a wonderful book!'

'A swoon-worthy new release . . . featuring some of your favorites in romance tropes, Friends to Lovers, One Bed, Forced Proximity, Better than Fiction will not disappoint!'

Love isn't always by the book...

Self-declared book hater Drew Young never expected to inherit her grandmother's old bookshop, the Book Nook. And now, as she prepares to host a signing for bestselling author (and hopeless romantic) Jasper Williams, she finds herself caught between a bookshelf and a hard place.

Sensing sparks between the unlikely match, a group of mischievous old ladies - otherwise known as the Book Nook's resident book club - spot the opportunity to do what they do best: meddle.

Pushed together, Drew and Jasper soon come to an agreement. If Jasper can create a book bucket list to introduce Drew to the joy of reading, she'll help him explore beautiful Colorado for his next book.

With the shop's future in jeopardy, Drew is determined not to get distracted by the love story Jasper wants to write for them.
She knows that real life isn't like it is in the books, but could Jasper be the plot twist Drew never saw coming?

'Alexa Martin is a powerhouse! In Better Than Fiction, she delivers another one of her signature stories - clever, relatable, flirty, and warm' ROSIE DANAN

'Better Than Fiction is a charming, heartfelt rom-com, filled with great characters, laugh-out-loud banter and some very cheeky seniors' FREYA SAMPSON

'Martin shines in this enchanting tale of a reluctant bookstore owner and the author who shows her love is possible . . . the result is utterly entertaining' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

'Better than Fiction delights with bookish rom-com joy on every page, with a wonderfully relatable heroine . . . This is a romance for the reader and the dreamer in everyone' EMILY WIBBERLEY & AUSTIN SIEGEMUND-BROKA

'The endearing and emotionally complex protagonists paired with a sizzlingly swoon-worthy romance (and a vast cast of quirky but loveable supporting characters) really made for an entertaining and unforgettably poignant read' ARTFULLY BOOKISH
  • Published: Nov 08 2022
  • Pages: 320
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781035404391

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