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Better than a Rest (Leo Street, Book 2)

An endearing novel filled with wit and adventure
  • Author
    • Pauline Mclynn
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Private eye Leo Street is on the trail of an adulterous husband when her clapped-out car causes her cover to be blown. It's time to draft in Ciara Gillespie, the teenage tearaway whom she befriended on her last case. At first, Ciara's methods of surveillance leave a lot to be desired, but soon she's unearthing the secret life of an obstetrician who likes to dabble in genetic engineering... With Ciara in control, Leo's free to pursue other matters, such as who's making anonymous phone calls to her friend Maeve, and why there's pandemonium at the local crèche. Then she accepts an invitation from Andy Raynor - an old flame who she's never fully extinguished - and sparks begin to fly.
  • Published: Dec 06 2001
  • Pages: 352
  • 178 x 119mm
  • ISBN: 9780747263982
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Press Reviews

  • A darkly amusing tale...[Pauline McLynn's] writing is comic with a heavy dose of realism. She doesn't hide behind "happy ever afters", more "what are you at?"s. It's entertaining and it's also life
  • The Big Issue in the North
    'Well-rounded and believable, [Leo Street] is the type of woman you'd like to go down the pub with for a pint of the black stuff' The Big Issue in the North
  • Sainsbury's Magazine
    'Upbeat, very funny' Sainsbury's Magazine
  • Where McLynn excels is with her dialogue which is funny and snappy...This book is well written within its genre and will sit well on a shelf next to such writers as Cathy Kelly, Morag Prunty and Marian Keyes...a breezy summer read
  • Hilariously funny follow-up to SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND. With the perfect balance of humour, adventure and romance, Pauline makes crafting witty, fast-paced fiction look like a doddle
  • Gay Times
    'Extremely amusing' Gay Times
  • Sparky, fresh, warm and absorbing...go out and buy it as soon as it hits the bookstore shelves
  • Sparky crime caper combining a cracking plot with nice one-liners. Pacy and oddly charming, [Better than a Rest] is perfect beach fodder
  • You'll be chuckling through your sunburn
  • Pacy crime caper
  • An enjoyable romp into a fertile and quick-witted imagination
  • It's Jenny Colgan meets Lauren Henderson - cheeky and chirpy crime
  • The List
    'McLynn will have you laughing or at least smiling wryly...A page-turner for the laughs' The List
  • She
    'Upbeat, witty and deftly crafted' She
  • Sunday Mirror
    'A lively, funny crime novel' Sunday Mirror
  • Hello
    'Chicklit and crime capers come together in fine sparkling style in this delightful outing from Pauline McLynn...beautifully balancing humour and adventure...Moving at a rattling pace, the one-liners come thick and fast' Hello
  • U magazine
    Very funny in a Smack the Pony style