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The dazzling story of the only female Argonaut
  • Author
    • Jennifer Saint
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The heroic story of the only female Argonaut, told by Jennifer Saint, the bestselling author of ELEKTRA (UK, Sunday Times, May 2022) and ARIADNE (UK, Sunday Times, April 2021).

'A brilliant read' Women & Home | 'A spirited retelling' Times | 'Beautiful and absorbing' Fabulous | 'A vivid reimagining of Greek mythology' Harper's Bazaar | 'Jennifer Saint has done an incredible job' Red

When a daughter is born to the King of Arcadia, she brings only disappointment.

Left exposed on a mountainside, the defenceless infant Atalanta is left to the mercy of a passing mother bear and raised alongside the cubs under the protective eye of the goddess Artemis.

Swearing that she will prove her worth alongside the famed heroes of Greece, Atalanta leaves her forest to join Jason's band of Argonauts. But can she carve out her own place in the legends in a world made for men?

Praise for Jennifer Saint's books:

'A lyrical, insightful re-telling' Daily Mail

'Relevant and revelatory' Stylist

'Energetic and compelling' Times

'An illuminating read' Woman & Home

'A story that's impossible to forget' Culturefly
  • Published: Apr 13 2023
  • 236 x 162mm
  • ISBN: 9781472292155

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Press Reviews

  • Sue Lynn Tan, Sunday Times bestselling author of DAUGHTER OF THE MOON GODDESS

    A stunning retelling filled with breathtaking adventure, Atalanta brings to life a heroine who stands tall among the ancient gods and heroes of legend.
  • Luna McNamara, author of PSYCHE AND EROS

    Jennifer Saint deftly draws the reader into the legends of Atalanta, swift huntress and favorite of Artemis, bringing the world of ancient Greece alive. The detail and description is lush: you can hear the rustle of the green leaves and taste the salty spray of the sea as the Argo rides forth on its quest. A story of adventure and love against all odds, this is an ancient tale limned with gold.
  • Elodie Harper, author of THE WOLF DEN and THE HOUSE WITH THE GOLDEN DOOR

    Absolutely beautiful. This is a retelling that fully inhabits the magical realm of myth while losing none of its human heart. The way Jennifer Saint dealt with the ending was absolutely inspired - staying true to the mythology yet giving it an emotional twist that felt completely true to the heroine she had created. Atalanta is a lyrical, exciting and deeply poignant tale of one woman's remarkable life - and I cannot wait to read it again.
  • Costanza Casati, author of CLYTEMNESTRA

    Through the eyes of a strong and unbending heroine, Atalanta weaves together some of the most exciting myths: the Argonauts' quest, Hypsipyle and the women of Lemnos, Hippomenes's footrace. Beautifully written and crafted with magic, this is an unforgettable retelling.
  • Susan Stokes-Chapman, author of PANDORA

    Atalanta is an absolute joy of a novel. As always Saint brings Ancient Greece to life with deft story-telling and lyrical imagery, but with her third outing we are drawn into a truly empowering story - a novel of strength and resilience, love and friendship, skillfully enthused with the addictive magic of timeless myth. A beautifully written retelling.