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As Serious As Death (Primavera Blackstone series, Book 5)

A thrilling mystery of revenge and conspiracy
  • Author
    • Quintin Jardine
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The fifth thrilling mystery in Quintin Jardine's Primavera Blackstone series.

Primavera Blackstone has finally found contentment by the Spanish sea. A fiercely protective single mother, she doesn't appreciate an offer of marriage. Nor does she welcome a blast from her murky Scottish past, retired cop Ricky Ross.

Ricky now works for millionaire airline owner Jack Weighley - a powerful man to whom you don't say 'no'. Together Primavera and Ricky must investigate a series of assaults on Jack's aircraft. Are they acts of vandalism, or the sinister work of Catalan extremists? As Primavera and Ricky are drawn into events, and the body count rises, Primavera begins to understand the true meaning of 'till death us do part'...
  • Published: Jul 17 2014
  • Pages: 352
  • 196 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9780755357147

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Press Reviews

  • Allan Massie

    Very engaging as well as ingenious, and the unravelling of the mystery is excellently done
  • Observer
    Well constructed, fast-paced, Jardine's narrative has many an ingenious twist and turn
  • New York Times
    Remarkably assured...a tour de force